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All pupils who live more than three miles by the most direct route from the academy are entitled to travel on buses contracted by the Local Authority (except those living outside the catchment area). At the beginning of each year bus passes will be issued to pupils, giving them access only to that bus which serves their village or area. Queries, comments or complaints should be made direct to:

Customer Service Centre
School Transport Department
County Hall
Norwich NR1 2DH
Tel: 0344 800 8003

Pupils should behave properly on the buses. The contractor is responsible for the safety of pupils they are transporting and they are likely to refuse to carry anyone they consider to have behaved in a way which could cause an accident. This includes any form of rowdiness and standing while the bus is in motion.


For those children living outside the catchment area please speak to the Admissions Officer, Mrs Cutts, regarding transport.