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Academy Meals

Iceni Academy recognises the important connection between a healthy diet and a pupil’s ability to learn effectively and achieve high standards. We also recognise the role an academy can play, as part of the larger community, to promote family health and sustainable food and farming practices.

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A set meal is available at a current cost of £2.00 per day. Meals are paid for weekly in advance, the money being brought into the academy on a Monday.  Parents are provided with a menu to help them decide on which days their child will have an academy meal.  Meals are freshly cooked at our Methwold site. 

We encourage our parents to provide a packed lunch which will support afternoon learning i.e. sandwiches from wholemeal bread, fruit and water or fruit juice to drink and a treat of course!

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Please see the current daily canteen menu in the Quick Links section on the home page.