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The Primary site is based in Hockwold, approximately 6 miles from the secondary site in Methwold.

There are four classes at Hockwold; Acorn class for reception children, Willow class for years 1 and 2, Beech class for years 3 and 4, and Oak class for years 5 and 6.

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Learning Phonics at Iceni Academy-Hockwold

Children learn phonics, using the 'Letters and Sounds' scheme. 'Letters and Sounds' is split into 6 phases, starting in phase one, which is usually taught in nursery, concentrating on environmental sounds. Phase two is based around initial sounds, and taught in the reception class. The children then move onto phase three, learning digraphs, tricky words and reading captions. Phases 4-6 are taught in years 1 and 2, although those children who are ready can move into these phases earlier.  The children are encouraged to use the skills taught in 'Letters and Sounds' in other lessons and free choice reading. Children are assessed regularly to make sure they are ready for the next phase.

Reading Schemes

A range of reading schemes are used at the primary site which include alphablocks (linked to the Letters and Sounds phase).  All schemes are levelled; once the pupils have gone through the levels they becme free readers.

Changes to Curriculum

Our plans for the curriculum have changed this year in line with new government requirements.   We now plan topic based schemes of work to incorporate as many subjects as possible.

For example Light and Dark includes:

- Literacy - we read books linked to the topic such as "I'm Not Afraid of the Dark"

- Science - nocturnal animals and different sources of light

- DT - making shadow puppets, art-firework pictures, dance-firework dances.

We also encourgae the children to tell us what they would like to learn.

The long term plans are available on each class page (under Curriculum).

Open Evening/Mornings

Each term we hold an Open morning or evening, where parents can come and look through their child's work together, look at school displays and talk to staff. We also offer parent consultation meetings, but offer the open evenings/mornings to allow children and their parents to spend as much time as they need in school. Grandparents are welcome too!

We have received very positive comments about this, including:

It is lovely to see examples of J's work. I can really see how he is improving.
I can see just how she is progressing from the targets in the book.
Thank you for letting us spend time looking at their books.
I'm so proud of C, she couldn't wait to show me what she has been learning about!

Thank you for your support.

Mrs E. Owner, Assistant Principal