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Trinity College

"Choose to Innovate"


As a member of Trinity my aim is to ensure that you achieve the highest levels of

personal and academic success. Through working hard, together we can ensure that

you are equipped to move successfully through each phase of your education and

ultimately, the work place of modern Britain.

As a student with the College your role is to have high aspirations, work as hard as

possible and grasp every opportunity provided so that you can exceed expectations,

increasing your chances of achieving your goals in life.

Working alongside myself ensuring you succeed are the Personalised Learning

Tutors with Trinity. For parents the PL tutors are your first port of call for any

concerns you may have.

The Trinity Team

T1 (Year 11 only) – Mrs Smith

T2 – Mr Stoneman and Mrs Rhodes

T5 Year 11 only) – Mr Bedford

T3 – Miss Trichet

T4 – Mrs Stannard

T6 – Miss Ward

T7 – Mr Bradley

T8 – Mr Clarke

You can also contact me on 01366 728 333 or

Miss S Turner
College Leader, Trinity