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"Choose to Challenge"

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Mr L Taylor
College Leader

Churchill College at Cambridge University is the National and Commonwealth memorial to Sir Winston Churchill. The College embraces Churchill's belief of how higher education can benefit society in the modern day. 

Churchill College at Iceni Academy adopts this philosophy in our own unique way. Our College is a community in which pupils will learn how working hard and achieving in all aspects of school life has a positive impact on their school experience and Iceni Academy as a whole. These learnt skills, along with greater understanding, should then be transferred into the wider community both when pupils are members of the Academy and once they have left.

We also adhere to our College slogan of 'choose to challenge'. Pupils will gain awareness that, by choosing to challenge themselves, they can achieve higher academic success. Pupils will understand this is not easy and that they will achieve what they deserve - you get what you give.

All the guidance and support Churchill College pupils need throughout their time at Iceni Academy will be provided by myself and the team of PL Tutors within the College. We look forward to working with your son/daughter!

Mr L Taylor