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Careers Education and Guidance is a statutory aspect of the curriculum in Key Stage 3 and 4. Pupils are entitled to a planned programme of CIEAG within their overall education.

The CIEAG programme at Iceni Academy is designed to help pupils understand themselves and develop their capabilities (self-development), investigate careers and opportunities (career exploration) and implement their career plans (career management) using the skills which are necessary to make informed decisions.

Iceni Academy provides a taught programme of careers education from Years 7 to 11, within the PSHE, Enterprise and Citizenship schemes of work. In Years 12 and 13 careers education occurs in tutorials.

Iceni Academy provides access to Careers Guidance throughout Years 9 to 11. Information is imparted to pupils through training in specialised ICT packages, bespoke literature and through a wide variety of work-related learning activities.

Visits to careers events and to employers, mock interview days and visits to colleges and universities are a regular feature of Iceni Academy's Careers Guidance programme. A careers library is available to pupils at all times within the Connexions Information Point. A Connexions Personal Advisor is available weekly for one-to-one appointments, both during the academy day and at the end of the day. The Connexions Personal Advisor also regularly attends extracurricular events within the academy, to support young people and their parents/carers.

Iceni Academy emphasises the fact that responsibility to deliver the entitlement belongs not only to our academy, but also to the extended community, including colleges, work-based learning providers, Connexions, parents/carers, employers, voluntary/community organisations and young people themselves.

All have roles to play in delivering an effective and sustainable model for supporting young people's choices.


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